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Potatoes and Weight Management!! The truth is that potatoes can either make you fat or help you lose weight. Even though some of the biggest weight gain culprits are french fries and potato chips that are highly fattening, the same is not true for all clean freshly boiled potatoes. There's a scale that is called satiety index. What this does is measures the ability of foods to keep your stomach full and make you eat fewer calories at subsequent meals. And guess which food had the highest score? Yes, you guessed it right, it was white boiled potatoes. This basically means if you eat more potatoes you should eat less of other foods instead, as it helps to keep your stomach full. If you want to supercharge the weight loss effect of potatoes then cool them down after boiling them, what this does is it increases their content of resistant starch. This is a fiber like substance that can help you lose weight. For more details visit #bestdietcianinhyderabad #weightloss #bestdieticianinsecunderabad #drdeepagarwal
  • 2018-06-20T05:25:47

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