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#askdrdeepa #bestdietician #weightlosshyderabad Carbohydrates and weight loss facts : The problem is not "carbs", it is carbs in a certain form or combination with fat. Saturated fat hurts insulin sensitivity while polyunsaturated fat increases it. The problem is when saturated fat is combined with carbs, because then the saturated fat is immediately deposited in the liver, and subsequently the pancreas. Once the liver is so fatty that it starts to be stored in the pancreas, then you have type 2diabetes. When one eats only fats/protein, there is no insulin spike large enough to deposit the saturated fat into the liver. When one eats only carbs (whole food carbs with vitamins and fiber, like fruit) the carbs do cause an insulin spike but the vitamins mitigate liver fat storage and the fat generated from the carbs are stored throughout the body. The problem is when these are mixed, as that never happens in nature. When mixed, as the absorbed food first gets to the liver, the insulin spike from the carbs stores the saturated fat already there from the food. Thus, eating potato chips and soda is the worst, just soda is a little better, and just chips is a little better still. I won't say that drinking fruit juice won't deposit saturated fat in your liver, because it will, but not all carbs are created equal, as you said. There are the carb-high foods, and the fat/protein high foods. These are the two major calorically dense types in nature. The fat/protein foods take longer to digest and initiate release of bile from the gallbladder. Carb-rich foods do not and are digested faster. The problem, as I've said is actually unnatural meals. The processed carbs or carbs mixed with fat are what does it. Furthermore, many studies show that meat consumption is directly related to diabetes risk. This is perhaps due to the inflammation caused by meat to the liver, preventing insulin sensitivity. This is not terrible on it's own, but mixing in carbs we now have a problem. Thus the "hamburger and soda" combo is terrible, but you can't just say "carbs are bad", because there are obviously foods with carbs that are very good for you. The fact that it has been shown that eating a fruit rich diet can cure diabetes, just like a carbless diet can, means that it is not carbs themselves which cause the problem, as you elude, the problem is how those carbs are delivered and what they are mixed with, so, you are certainly being misleading with what you said. There are many paradigms of diets that can cure diabetes. One is a keto diet, one is a whole food high carb diet. That's just how it is, because as animals, we either eat one or the other. Animals don't mix foods, and we don't process them, and that's just how nature works. Please don't say "carbs" are the problem, because obviously billions of people eat carbs on this planet, and we have for millions of years.
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